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No two careers in nursing are the same. There are so many different career options that whatever your interests, experience or passion there will be a role to suit you.
Whether you’ve just left school or university, are thinking about returning to work and becoming a nurse, or want to switch career, this section explains how to get into nursing and what to expect when you get there.

Find out more about the four main nursing specialisms.

Understand the different types of pre-registration nursing courses, and which are most appropriate for you and your circumstances.

Interests can and do change over time, so every nurse will follow a different career path. If you’re prepared to work hard and build your skills and experience, then your nursing career – wherever and whenever it starts – could take you almost anywhere.

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The National Statistics Office of the UK had informed in its report regarding migration that the citizens from India has got the majority of entire 92,062 visas granted to the skilled workers last year.
The report also informed that the citizens from India also accounted for 57% of the entire skilled work visas issued that was 52,360 visas out of 92,062 with the citizens from the US with next biggest group with around 10,130 that makes around 11%.
Indian citizens are also making the biggest tax contributions as they had formed the biggest group outside the EU for registering to the National Insurance Number of the UK.
Around 35,000 new registrations were done by Indians and were followed by the citizens from Australia, China, Pakistan and Nigeria, making the top five group of employed immigrants among the latest immigrants in the UK.
Indian citizens also formed the third biggest group of foreign students that were issued visa to study in the UK after China and the US.

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Pre-registration nursing courses.

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