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What we do for our registered candidates
  • Skill Development
  • Language proficiency training (IELTS)
  • Placements to suit their qualifications and career aspirations globally
  • Relocation and employment
  • Travel and Immigration support
  • SIMS certification for language and skills
What we offer to our clients
  • Provide medical professionals both for short and long term positions
  • Screening and compliance of the candidates
  • Conduct skype interviews
  • Act as an extended arm to health service providers for quality staffing services overall.
Medical Staffing and Services

We provide skilled medical professionals ( Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and allied health professionals) to meet the short term and long term requirements of  healthcare providers globally.

As the nursing and healthcare facilities are the most important for us, we also take care of medical staffing and services. Our candidates need to be qualified and to have certain amount of experience and knowledge to be able to work as a nurse. That being said, we aim to provide all of these along with training which is crucial.

We  act like an extended arm to our clients in INDIA and other potential countries to source and meet their staffing requirements.

Our training is conducted through our skill development programme and the goal of this is to enhance the skills and place the candidates globally as per aspirations and qualifications both overseas and domestic. Our registered candidates are Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and allied health professionals and all of them must be perfectly qualified for the work they are going to do.

We provide these registered staff like Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and Allied health professionals to meet the long-term requirements of healthcare providers globally, but as our services are changing every day, we can also focus on short-term requirements. Various Medical Institutions and also Nursing Institutions are on our disposal as we cooperate with them on a daily basis.

We have strong network across Pan- India with nursing and medical institutions.

We have very strong network access Pan-India with these companies, and that makes the job of qualifying the candidates much more effective and faster. We are here for our clients in India and other potential countries in order to meet their staffing requirements.

To analyse, design, develop and undertake end to end staffing solutions to healthcare providers.

What we are aiming towards here is to design, analyse, undertake and develop various staffing solutions for healthcare providers globally. So what is it we are able to do for our registered candidates? We assure that development of the skill is non-stop.

Since knowledge needs to be upgraded, we provide many chances for further learning new things and have an understanding for your desire to improve career. Language proficiency training is also available here and on top of that, we support relocation and employment which can make life easier for our clients.

When all of that is finished, SIMS certification for language and skills is being given to registered candidates, and they are now fully capable of nursing.

For our clients, we conduct Skype interviews to maximize the efficiency and ease of communication. We provide medical professionals with our certifications for both short-term and long-term needs of healthcare companies. Screening and compliance of the candidates is a must, and this is something we also offer to our clients, because we always work for our clients and to make them one of the best in this business.

We provide training to our registered candidates ( Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and allied health professionals) through our skill development programme to enhance their skills and place them globally as per their qualifications and aspirations both domestic and overseas.