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SIMS enables one stop shop in healthcare services and products at home at your time !!!

SIMS is very client-focused company, and because of that, we are doing everything we can to make the client or patient feel good. This is crucial for any healthcare organization, because this is what separates a good nursing company from the bad, and in the end it’s only the client that is important and only he can tell if the company is good or not. Having that in mind, our company decided that very good option would be to monitor the patients 24/7 to avoid any further complications with the health and it turned out to be a great idea.

On patient’s disposal is consultation. This means that anytime, patient can contact SIMS and consult with our company on whatever they want about their health or simply problems they are facing every day- we are here to listen to our patients and help however we can! When the contact with the patient is established, physical assessment is sometimes needed and we can proudly say that this is one of our expertise.

As we said, continuous patient monitoring is crucial for us, and because we possess very large database of qualified nurses and doctors, you can expect the help to arrive at your doorstep if needed, whether it’s a diagnostic or a treatment. We also offer hospitalization when talking about pre and post care. If it’s pre care, it’s important that patient feels good before the treatment and to be relaxed. As for post care, it’s crucial that patient is in reliable hands of our nurses and technicians, to make the most out of recovery. As we have many certificates from around the world, we are allowed to conduct vaccination for adults, and we will gladly do this. Also, if our patient ran out of medicine, our professional staff will take care of it very fast, as we also supply medical products at your doorstep.

As nursing is the most important thing for us, we also provide a physiotherapy care which has proven to be very efficient on the patients. On top of that, we have a complete access to patient’s health information, so there’s no room for mistakes. This means that our team of experts knows everything about the patient’s health and will  be available to provide diagnosis for the particular case. All of this would not be possible without our qualified and reliable nurses and doctors willing to work.


  • Consultation
  • Physical assessment
  • Continuous patient monitoring
  • Diagnostic services at door step
  • Pre and post care hospitalisation
  • Nursing and Physiotherapy care
  • Aesthetic care
  • Adult vaccination
  • Delivery medicines
  • Supply medical products
  • Access to health information


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