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What we do
  • Wearable Health devices integrated to m-Health Apps aid patient engagement
  • To provide an advisory system to aid GP decision-making
  • E-Prescription automatically reflected in the summary
  • This will be integrated to the existing System Integrated to any compliant network
  • Integrated to any standard complaint network
At SIMS, Our major focus is on Innovation.

We not only have a tightly integrated IT Backbone for all our Services but we also have high potential digital healthcare Apps. With Software projects aiming to improve patient care and outcomes for chronic diseases such as Asthma, Diabetes and Hypertension we endeavor to develop new healthcare delivery models to improve patient outcomes and care values. Our emphasis is to develop and disseminate multidisciplinary products related to Social Media, Mobile Technology and Health, thus developing a robust Tele-Medicine Networked Platform.

As the technology is progressing, our company is leaning towards digitalizing the diagnostics and treatments. What is crucial for us is to always be ahead of time, and think about the future of our nurses, clients and our business. Having that in mind, we have a tightly integrated IT Backbone for all of our services. Aside of that, we’ve made many of the digital healthcare apps, of high potential and use for our patients. This software is intended to improve patient care and outcomes for some of the chronic diseases like Diabetes, Asthma or Hypertension. With this knowledge, we endeavour to develop new healthcare delivery models for improving patient’s outcomes and care values.

We place our emphasis on developing multidisciplinary products which can further be connected to various Mobile Technology or even Social Media and enhance our Tele Medicine network platform, making it really robust. Speaking of that, we provide IT services and consulting like enterprise support for example. Then there is our Tele medicine, which is one of our strongest points as it provides various diagnostics and treatments very fast and efficiently.

In our IT sector, we are specialized in PACS, which stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System and it provides economical storage and many options for accessing images from multiple modalities. This allows as to access patient’s X-Rays at any time, and grants us an opportunity to faster and with more precision determine the right diagnostics for him. Multiple support services are also involved here, which can respond to your questions and suggestions very fast, as our friendly staff is here for you 24/7. We also support app development and here, in SIMS we’ve got our special team of app developers who have worked on our healthcare apps and are still working on improving them. In this section, we also prescribe medicine via our E-Prescription service and we provide an advisory system to aid GP decision-making.

Wearable Health devices are integrated to m-Health apps that greatly improve patient’s monitoring as the patient is connected to this app non-stop. Our apps are integrated to any standard compliant network and are supported by any operating system or internet browser, so the worry for that is brought down to minimum. In our IT sector, we encourage people to communicate with us digitally, because this is the future way of communication and it’s a lot easier to treat the patient correspondingly to the condition.


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