Transforming Healthcare towards digitalisation

Diagnostics and Tele medicine

Our principle activities are to provide end to end diagnostics and imaging services to Homecare, Nursing homes, Care homes and GPs etc., through our digital network.

” Whether you are an individual or a healthcare provider, we offer diagnostic services at your place through our state of art Tele-medicine network”

Chain of Niche Diagnostics Centers using Plug-n-play support for medical devices with video output and Unique technology to support fast transmission and many more …

Among many goals that our company has, there’s this goal- to provide end to end diagnostics and imaging services to Nursing homes, Homecare, GPs, and so on. We provide these diagnostics via our digital network to make them more efficient, faster and reliable. So our goal here is to transform healthcare towards digitalization, to make it easier for our patients and staff to stay in touch with us at any time.

When speaking about diagnostics, we offer imaging services and diagnostics. This is crucial for our patients around the globe, because proper diagnostic often mean that the easier job for the treatment is there and more efficiency will be provided. Lab services are also provided here, and they are contributing to this very much. Lab services are important for regularly checking the levels of components in blood. ECG or Cardiac Services are located within short distances of our headquarters and we take special care of this department. As the number of deceased patients with some cardiac problems is increasing, we are at their service 24/7 and we cover basically all diagnostics and treatments for any kind of problem. To us, diagnostics mean much, and we do provide this service without a single chance to fail! When talking about Tele medicine, it’s something that’s very useful for our patients. Here, we provide real time diagnosis and reporting, which means that the contact with us is easy and clear in this situation. Also, we integrate with various medical equipment to maximize our effects on patient’s condition. On top of that, we are using plug-n-play support for medical devices, to be able to establish video output, as it’s crucial to see the patient you are talking to. And for the end, we possess unique technology for fast transmission, so it’s really real time and there isn’t a second of delay!

We aim to provide world class service for our local community. Also, there’s fully networked service for the wider community. We also work with the radiology services, and aim to provide them in the excellent manner, without a single mistake, in the most efficient way. Via Tele medicine, the patient is able to get the results in about 4-6 hours, which is the fastest as it can be, and from there, proper diagnose is being set. Tele medicine Is working very well with most patients, and we can proudly say that every patient is satisfied.


Our principle activities  are

  • Diagnostic & imaging services
  • Lab Services
  • Cardiac Services-ECG
  • Dedicated Diagnostics Centers
  • From Pre-Natal Diagnostics to Gene Model
Tele medicine
  • Real time diagnosis and reporting
  • Integration with various medical equipment’s.
  • Plug-n-play support for medical devices with video output.
  • Unique technology to support fast transmission
What we do
  • Lab Services
  • mHealth – Programme
  • Deliver Radiology services in the most effective and efficient way.
  • To develop Centre of Excellence Radiology Hubs using our Tele-Radiology Solution.
  • World class service for both the local community and a fully networked service for the wider Community Benefit
  • Integrated systems for communication
  • Basic Lab results within 4 to 6 hours via Telemedicine
  • Referrals accepted from GP’s, Physician and  other Acute healthcare providers
  • Diagnostic scans triaged to the Hub for expert clinical intervention and opinion


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